About Us

Nola Fabiola by Fabiola Fabric LLC was created to express New Orleans culture on fabric in the most beautiful, festive, and feel good way we possibly can. From our artists’s sketch pads to our finished products, Nola Fabiola products are inspired by the by the unique culture of New Orleans.

We meticulously spend hours, drawing and crafting each component of our designs. During product development, consider every detail to make sure our products are not only highly expressive and fashionable but also meet our high standards for quality, form, and function.

We think you will be impressed with our products, and invite you to check them out! 

We love our customers and hope you will share Nola Fabiola with your friends. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any questions about our products please contact us at: support@nolafabiola.com. We’d love to hear from you.